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5 China Top Sector E-Mobility Opportunity Report

The Netherlands has gathered a lot of expertise in e-mobility. Even though it can hardly be called the beating heart of the European car industry, e-mobility is increasingly becoming a valuable Dutch export commodity and China is becoming an ever more attractive market. After years of high expectations and low performance, this year China finally sees a significant increase in the sales figures of high-speed electric vehicles (EVs). In the first ten months of 2014 sales of electric vehicles surged five-fold compared to the same period in 2013, to an expected total of around 50 000 units for 2014. This brings along opportunities for Dutch business.

6 Greening the Chinese coal sector

This report has been prepared for NL Agency, an executive branch of the Netherlands ministry of Economic Affairs.

7 Business survey 2014

On a regular basis, the Netherlands economic network in China investigates how the business climate is experienced by Dutch companies established in China. Earlier business surveys were conducted in 2009 and 2012. In 2014 the survey was conducted once more. The results provide a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges companies are facing when doing business in China.

8 Top Sector Games –– Opportunities for Dutch companies in China

This opportunity report is the result of increasing inquiries from Dutch as well as Chinese gaming companies. Most, but not all, requests come from Dutch developers looking to publish their games in China, or from Chinese publishers looking at Europe for content. The Chinese market is moreover especially, but not exclusively, hungry for mobile games. These are the areas on which this report is focused.

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